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Intuitive Tarot Readings


"The best way to predict your future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln



Your stressed and anxious mind may take you down the wrong path, but the cards can help you find your way 


How can a card reading help you?

  • It enables you to see the issues in your life with greater clarity.
  • Cards cannot predict exactly what will happen, but it can predict what could happen based on your present circumstances. And it can show you what action to take now to manifest your goals in the future.
  • Is a mirror of the unconscious designed to help illuminate your blockages.  
  • It can help to identify hidden beliefs and childhood programming that is hindering you from living your true path.
  • Readings can cause great shifts of understanding and transformation in your life.
  • Can show the different lessons you are learning in your various relationships.This helps you to understand the nature of the relationships and what you can do to change them for the better or release them or let them go.
  • Learning the 'good' from a 'bad' situation, and what qualities are you developing from your situation.
  • Can help to see yourself as a creator of your future as opposed to being a victim. 


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